06/2012, dok25a bei devening projects + editions, Chicago



Please join us for The Hidden, a very special summer exhibition celebrating the work of 17 artists affiliated with the Düsseldorf gallery dok25. Established in 2008 by Tabea Langenkamp and Andreas Schöndok25a has developed one of the most rigorous and energetic programs in the Rhineland region of Germany. Consistently offering cutting-edge work by both emerging and established artists, dok25a has been diligent in showcasing some of the most important new art in the area. We're very pleased to have the opportunity to show this work to our Chicago audience.

The exhibition opens on Sunday, June 10 from 4-7; please join us and meet Andreas Schön, Tabea Langenkamp and Jan Scharrelmann. The show continues until July 21.

The primary exhibition will feature Wilhelm MundtElke NebelDriss OuadahiJan ScharrelmannAndreas SchönKata Unger. In addition, a selection of works on paper by Stefan EttlingerAndreas FischerTobias HantmannLucy HarveyKatja PfeifferFelix SchrammNicola SchruddeMartin Schwenk, Bianca Voss, Ursula Schulz-Dornburg and Constantin Wallhäuser will be included to offer a full impression of the gallery program. The Hidden takes as a departure point the relationship between physical/material presence and the content layered beneath. Each artist in The Hidden maintains a distinct commitment to the materiality and process inherent in the making of the work; here, the form is the staging area for the meaning and intention driving its production. The exhibition will feature a variety of approaches--works on paper, sculpture, photography, etc.--each position given an appropriate vehicle for the concerns within. Andreas Schön's large wash drawings in coffee of architectural ruins from a recent residency; Jan Scharrelmann's modestly made, but heroically present sculptures in rigid foam and pigment; Driss Ouadahi's urban studies of corporate "glass and steel" buildings and others suggest that within the material facts of the work lurks deep allusions to ideas and concerns well beyond.


Bianca Voss

Felix Schramm

Tobias Hantmann

Andreas Fischer

Kata Unger

Ursula Schulz-Dornburg

Elke Nebel

Lucy Harvey

Martin Schwenk

Andreas Schön

Driss Ouadahi

Nicola Schrudde

Katja Pfeiffer

Wilhelm Mundt

Constantin Wallhäuser

Jan Scharrelmann

Andreas Schön